“Misquoting T.S. Eliot,”  By Pamela McFarland, Third-Runner Up in Saturday Evening Post‘s Great American Short Fiction Contest, 2022

At 60, Evelyn is stuck in the past. Is it too late to open her heart?


Doorway to Spring, by Pam McFarland, On Purpose Woman Magazine March/April

Pam McFarland PublicationAlthough trees are still bare, the first hints of spring-delicate purpose snow crocuses and the green shoots of daffodils—are peeking through the ground as I write this. I’ve always loved this time of the year because it feels as if we are on a the brink of a new season, a time associated with growth, rebirth, and renewal after the darkness of the winter months…
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Short,” by Pam McFarland, in The Cobalt Weekly, January 2020

Mary watches Nonna move the antenna on the green plastic television back and forth. “I can’t get this damn thing to work,” Nonna says. The picture on the screen disappears into zigzags.Short Story by Pam McFarland

“Watch your language, Ma.” Mommy points to Mary and frowns at Nonna. “Try adjusting the aluminum foil,” Mommy says when it becomes clear the zigzags aren’t going away.

Nonna fiddles with the foil on the antenna, and the picture morphs into a fuzzy black-and-white image. Mary sees a small man, shoulders hunched, walking toward a scary-looking helicopter.

Mary slides underneath the yellow Formica table. Winnie is there, thumping her tail. Mary buries her head into Winnie’s tangled fur, smelling her wet dog smell.

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Journaling as a Way to Deal with Difficult Relatives over the Holidays“, by Pam McFarland, On Purpose Woman Magazine Nov/Dec


Pam McFarlandThanksgiving and other winter holidays are approaching, and many people are dreading spending time with individual family members and others they may disagree with. We live in such polarized times, Friendships, and relationships can be fractured or even severed because of intense political and philosophical disagreements over everything from our current political climate to whom you may bring to the Thanksgiving table…

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